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Behind the Scenes Chat With Dee Dee (The Process)

Behind the scenes at Chat With Dee Dee. The team is made up of Dee Dee, 24 year colorectal cancer survivor, blogging and writing for a cause to help encourage and inspire others to Live Life Abundantly despite limitations whether physical, emotional or financial. The writing process comes from the heart of Dee Dee combined with the talent and mutual support of her daughters. Stephanie takes Dee Dee’s stories and visions and turns them into blog posts. Amanda is responsible for later editing these posts as they will be part of her memoir book release in the next year or so. 

Write to Dee Dee

Dee Dee reads each and every email, blog comment and social media response. She with the help of her creative team responds to every single request that aligns with her cause. It is such an honor and a pleasure to serve others by sharing my stories and life lessons. I have been so blessed in meeting new people and starting new friendships along the way.

To send an e-mail comment or question to Dee Dee (Click Here).

Individual or Small Group Inspirational Coach

Dee Dee is a Colorectal Cancer Survivor and a faith filled Christian. She was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer almost 24 years ago and at that time she couldn’t find the counsel or help she needed. Now she’s using her survivor story to advocate for Early Testing and to help others. 

Inspirational Services, It’s Dee Dee’s desire to come alongside other cancer survivors and family members as an outreach to be there for those going through cancer treatment and after care.  If you have colorectal cancer or similar life altering experience. She’s experienced how difficult it can be and wants to be there for others so they don’t have to go it alone. Dee Dee can offer one on one spiritual and inspirational coaching as well as participate as a speaker in a group setting.  She is down to earth and speaks from her heart using her life experience and faith as the foundation.

Advocate Services: Dee Dee’s mission is to bring awareness and advocate for testing and early diagnosis of colorectal cancer. By sharing her health story and life lessons It’s her desire that others will be compelled to take action. A key part of her mission as an advocate is to share resources she discovers especially for colorectal cancer survivors and other digestive diseases (IBD, Crohn’s Disease), those with neuropathy, lymphedema and other cancer survivors and families. If your organization aligns with the mission of Chat With Dee Dee having Dee Dee advocating on behalf of your cause may help you increase your results and visibility.  

Speaking invitations, Dee Dee will accept speaking invitations for the local Phoenix area. Invitations should be emailed to Dee Dee (Click Here).


2 responses to “Invite or Write to Dee Dee

  1. jessica

    October 22, 2012 at 4:00 pm

    Just wondering if you have any suggestions for an uninsured male who i work with, he has an Ileostomy bag and can’t afford the supplies. Do any of the resources you have posted about help people in the SOuth Dakota area?

    • littledeet

      October 23, 2012 at 12:44 pm

      Thanks for writing. I wrote a blog post about this topic. I suggest your coworker contact Osto Group. They provide Ostomy Products to the Uninsured and All you pay is shipping and handling their # 877-678-6690. Hope this helps.


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