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Guest Blog Post 8: A Lesson in Gratitude and Loss (by Alvina Lopez)

It is another opportunity for me to share a guest post from a fellow blogger, Alvina Lopez. She wrote to me wanting to share something that aligned with my desire to bring hope to those who are facing difficult situations. Yes this is another difficult topic to cover, but I appreciate her insight into loss.

A friend of mine, Ann Wilson, wrote a guest article on change and what happens when it occurs. She very wisely said we need to get to know the Lord while times are good because when times get tough you won’t have the time! We have a choice to fight and rebel what God had done or to accept it and have hope.

I recently experienced a loss of a dear beloved family member. He is a man of God and leaves a wonderful legacy of faith and hope behind for family and friends. We mourn his loss, but rejoice as he has finally met Jesus face-to-face. He is home!

Guest Blog Post 8: A Lesson in Gratitude on Death’s Doorstep (by Alvina Lopez) slightly modified by Chat With Dee Dee Blog.

A very dear friend of mine recently died of cancer.  To the very last second he was the bravest soul I’d ever known, and also had probably the healthiest sense of humor I’ve ever known.  On one of my last visits, he told me a story that I carry with me to this day as a lesson in gratitude, even in the gravest situations.  This was the story, as closely as I can retell it:

The chemo had already taken my hair.  My family took it as a sign that I was giving in, slowly being defeated by the hungry disease, but I thought I looked dashing, and that I bore a striking resemblance to Bruce Willis, even Ben Kingsley at the right angle.  What bothered me about being bald was more that I couldn’t tell where my forehead stopped and my scalp began.  I would slowly slide my finger from my brow to the top of my head, holding it in place when I thought I had found the threshold, and then lean in my bed toward the vanity in the entryway to my room to check whether I had got it or not.  Most times I did not.  My finger would be halfway up my head, or still in the middle of my forehead.  So that’s one thing I took for granted: a hairline.

And then the cancer accelerated like some drug induced getaway driver—doctors call this metastasis.  When I told my mother she complained.

“How can this happen to you? You’re a good person!”

I tried reminding her that God had offered Job to Satan because he was such a good servant. My point was that bad things happen to good people.  She did not take it well.

So the family planned a visit, stormed the hospital, brought fudge and a weird balloon that wasn’t quite a dog or a horse.  They crowded in the room and cried so hard I thought a flock of geese had migrated into my room.  My wife sat on the bed, embarrassed, holding my hand.  Somebody, probably Uncle Matthias, started singing “If Thou But Suffer God to Guide Thee,” and the whole troop joined in.  Halfway through I leaned over to see if I had found the forehead threshold with my finger. 

They’d never been any good at coming to terms with death.  Not that any of us are.  But as they stood there sob-singing hymns, I realized how grateful I was that they were stalwart and stubborn enough to meet death on its doorstep.  Recalcitrant and obnoxious as they could be, my family had metaphorically packed their bags, knowing full well where the train would take them, and had boarded it anyhow — and that is a blessing too profound for words.

Once quiet and calm finally settled over them, I looked at their raw faces, feeling happier than I’d ever felt. 


Alvina Lopez is a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges. She welcomes your comments at her email Id: alvina.lopez 

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Love Your Body (Haves vs. Have-Nots)?

We read about body image and how we’re meant to love the skin we’re in. However, I haven’t read many articles about how body image impacts those facing post-cancer and post-raditation/chemo side-effects.

We’ve become more sensitive to those struggling with body image; however, what about those struggling with physical limitations. Can we be thankful for our bodies? How do we beat body image issues related to our limitations resulting from cancer?

What’s Driving Our Perceptions

The tendency is to view our body image through the eyes of what media might suggest as being beautiful. We focus on the ‘have-nots’ instead of what we have. We struggle with self doubt when we wake up and look in the mirror every morning.

Bottom line

We must remind ourselves this time was not promised to us. It’s true each day is a gift so let’s do the best we can with what we have by using all we have. Remember a time when pulling through a surgery or treatment was the most important goal. Now walk humbly and seek love and kindess towards others and also love and be kind to yourself.

We’ve all enjoy singing along to the popular lyrics from the song originated in the 40’s “You’ve got to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative Latch on to the affirmative Don’t mess with Mister In-Between”.

The pertinent message conveyed in the song is still relevant to this day. Enhance the positive features, personality traits and gifts that you have going for you.

If we allow our thoughts to mess around with “Mister in-Between” we’re making an active choice aren’t we? I believe we are choosing to focus on the ‘have-nots’ instead of the beautiful ‘haves’ … the gift of LIFE!

You are beautiful my friend, you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14)!

Haves or Have-Nots ..which side are you on?


Sunshine – Are you neglecting your emotional health?

I was talking with a friend the other day who is going through a difficult time and I couldn’t help but notice how dark and dreary it was in her home. The blinds and curtains were shut tight; not a drop of sunshine leaking in. I was  immediately reminded of a time when I first came home from one of my surgeries. It was all so overwhelming the lack of strength and will to do much of anything but sleep. Thankfully a friend of mine came to visit me during that time and counseled me about how something as simple as letting the light shine in my home would be beneficial to both my physical, emotional and spiritual recovery. 

She opened all of the windows in my home and pulled back the curtains and blinds. Wow this was truly another turning point in my healing.

I realized how by making the conscious decision to let the light in home I was also allowing the light of God and joy back into my life. I was reminded about the most important and powerful light of my life… Jesus!  John 8:12 “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”, John 9:5 “As long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” and John 12:46 “I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness.”

Maybe you’re going through a tough time and find yourself dwelling on the things that you can’t change. Remember the Lord will always be there to renew your strength. And by taking small steps every day (like allowing the light to shine through your windows) the light of the Lord will shine in your heart and life today.

So what a dear friend did for me a number of years ago I found myself doing with a friend recently and now sharing this with you. Together we opened all of her blinds and started to straighten up her rooms and it immediately felt like hope was pouring back into her home. It was a new start and a new day.

Power verse: Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:30-31)



Guest Blog Post 7: Our Family’s Story by Josephine Angst~ My Daughter’s Diagnoses (Pituitary Dwarfism/Growth Hormone Defficient due to Ectopic Posterior Pituitary)

This is another guest blog post that is so very near and dear to my heart. We’re sharing this story from a friend who is truly more like a family member to us. It’s my desire by sharing this story we will help bring awareness to the challenges of  Pituitary Dwarfism/Growth Hormone deficient due to Ectopic Posterior Pituitary.

So please scooch in closer and get ready to read this inspiring family story about little 4 year old girl we’ll call MIGHTY MIKAYLA.

Guest Blog Post 7: Our Family’s Story by Josephine Angst With this blog we are hoping to bring awareness and sensitivity to all People across the world big or small. We believe with knowledge comes compassion, and we hope to pass on the knowledge we obtain along the way.


Our Story about our daughter who just happens to be Growth Hormone Deficient as is relates to Ectopic Pituitary Dwarfism.

Our story begins with our 4 year old daughter Mikayla (AKA: MIGHTY MIKAYLA)whom I also admire and am so very proud of. I don’t think many would be as brave and strong as she, by four years old she has been through more than I have been in my entire 37 years.

Mikayla 4th birthday

Mikayla 4th birthday

 Mikayla is the 3rd of my four children; she has been diagnosed with Pituitary Dwarfism/Growth Hormone Deficient due to Ectopic Posterior Pituitary at 1 1/2 years old (learn more about Growth Hormone Deficiency online at the Major Aspects of Growth In Children (MAGIC website). Our journey with Mikayla has been a long one and unfortunately with no end in sight but still we thank God everyday for the medical break throughs that have made her quality of life possible or even life at all. My pregnancy with Mikayla was just like any other I had prior (2) but right from birth I knew something was different (mothers intuition is never wrong). I was admitted to the hospital to deliver Mikayla a few days earlier than planned because my amniotic fluid was low so doctors thought it would be in her best interest to be induced. That plan did not work out because apparently she went into distress and I needed to have a c-section. All went well though despite the drama. A healthily (so we thought) 6lb 11oz beautiful baby girl was born. I knew something was different from the start I didn’t have such small babies, my two prior babies were 8lbs, and 8 lbs 9 oz (even my last baby after Mikayla was 9lbs,3oz) so I wondered from the beginning why she was so small, but everyone told me she was fine.

Throughout her first baby months Mikayla seemed little different to me as compared to my other two children. She seemed a little more tired, weaker and not as hungry. Mikayla would drink a 4 oz bottle and spit back up half of it. I was so worried but it was not until her 4month well visit that her doctors finally agreed with me. Something was not right; she had fallen of the so called CURVE. All mothers know what I mean by the dreaded CURVE. It is a national standard that all babies are compared to that guides doctors to know if your child is growing normal.

Normal what is that, four children later discovered there are many different kinds of normal? Mikayla’s pediatrician thought the best place to start out to find out why she was not growing properly would be the Feeding and Swallowing Center at St. Joseph Hospital. He thought that maybe it was nutritional being she was spitting up so much and eventually found she did have GERD.

He also suggested we make an appointment at and Endocrinologist at St. Joseph Children’s Hospital as well. I left that doctors office that day heartbroken. I was so scared and couldn’t believe what I had just heard “FAILURE TO THRIVE” what does that mean anyway, were they telling me she was dying? I know now they were.  I made the first possible appointment at the FASC (Feeding and Swallowing Center) where I spent 2 days a week for the next year. They would watch me feed her through a double sided mirror window. Maybe it was me maybe I wasn’t feeding her correctly I thought. Oh my God how horrible this was. Mikayla also received OT (Occupational  Therapy) there for her trunk muscles, her GERD had torn right through her stomached muscles and they needed to be repaired with exercise and she needed to have her abdomen taped with this tape that looked like packing tape. I would watch as this therapy went on through a window and I was instructed that no matter how much she cries I should not come in unless I am called. They told me this was going to be very hard work for her and I needed to be strong. Strong was an understatement, my baby would call for me and I would watch and cry behind the window because I know I couldn’t help her. They would tape her legs together so she could learn to crawl and so many other things that I couldn’t bare to watch. Although the therapy went well, it still didn’t solve her growing issue. Week after week they would measure her and weigh her and still nothing.

We finally got an appointment with an Endocrinologist (took a few months to get one) we were nervous but anxious. We needed to know what was going on and we were hoping she was our miracle. We went into the doctor’s office and she took Mikayla into her hands and called her “floppy” like a rag doll. I was in shock I haven’t even noticed this. The doctor pointed out her bossing forehead, and thought that the white of her eyes were bluish color (which could of meant she had x factor or Brittal Bone Disease) that would have been very bad. She couldn’t help us and referred us to a Genetic Counselor. The Endo had also suggested that we call in Early Intervention Services which is a program the state runs to help children receive all the therapeutic services they need. We followed her instruction and soon after Mikayla was receiving in home therapies such as (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and DI direct instruction) these service would continue until she was three years old several times a week.

We weren’t sure what to expect from the appointment with the Genetic doctor but we couldn’t wait to get there, someone had to know why Mikayla wasn’t growing and was so weak. So many different theories were explored (Celiac disease, Hypo-Achondrplysia, Brittal bone disease, Cystic fibrosis). Mikayla had a full genetic screening done and no answer. I can say I have never been so afraid in my life. Time was going by and still she wasn’t growing and even though I would have dreaded to hear she had one of the horrific things, at least I would finally have an answer. Our lives were on hold how could I go on being happy if I didn’t know whether my daughter would live or die. From here we were told that she should be re-tested in 6 months to a year for Hypo Achondroplysia or Dwarfism. This is a kind of Dwarfism that isn’t the typical; you are proportioned correctly however you remain very small. This seemed like a reasonable answer but it could never be confirmed. We couldn’t just wait and see and let it sit. We saw a skeletal dysplasia specialist in NYC Cornell, she had x-rays of her long bones and plenty of blood work and there they found that she definitely did not have any form of Skeletal Dysplasia. The doctors there referred us back to the Endocrinologist. For the first time we heard the words Growth Hormone Def. they felt it fit the pattern of this and it should be explored. So back to the Endo it is.

This appointment with the Endo would be better and help lead us into the right direction. The doctor scheduled a MRI of her Pituitary gland. We waited for the results and then finally an answer. The doctor confirmed she had a problem with her pituitary gland. Ectopic Posterior Pituitary Gland with a small stem. The Growth Hormone that we all naturally produce she couldn’t make enough of. I didn’t know it at first but I soon learned that Growth Hormone does not only effect your growth (how tall you will become) but it also contributes to your muscle tone and your body’s ability to maintain its sugar levels (hypoglycemic). This explains a lot, Mikayla had very low muscle tone and was very Hypoglycemic she had even been hospitalized once for it.  The Endo had to order another test before she could start treatment (this one is for the insurance companies) it is called a STIM test. What a horrible test, she couldn’t make it through the whole thing. This test requires a series of injections to raise and lower your blood sugar levels while they collect your blood samples. Mikayla’s blood sugar dropped to 32 that day and the test was canceled.  The doctor saw all she had to see and we were told we had nothing to worry about the diagnoses was clear she was definitely Growth Hormone Def. The plan of action was that she would have to wait until she was two years old to start on her Hormone replacement therapy. I was told that I would have to learn to give her a daily injection of GH. This would continue at the minimum until puberty or longer depending on her situation it would be a wait and see thing. Mikayla had to have further x-rays called a bone age. This tells how old your bones are and usually determines how much growing you have, the longer the better. Mikayla has approximately 9 months delayed bone growth. 

One day after Mikayla’s second birthday she started her GH Therapy. I had to be strong and give her these shots even though she begs me not to. Mikayla’s life depends on it. Most people do not understand and feel it is just a vanity thing. We have learned that it is so much more. Yes because of the Hormone replacement therapy Mikayla will be taller than her expected height of 4’2″ she will reach only her growth potential based on her on family genetics which anyone who knows her parents know that isn’t very tall any was she will probably be around 4’11” to 5’2″ . Mikayla will also have stronger muscles (includes heart muscle) and her Hypoglycemia is under control. This has affected many things along the ways and Mikayla has many physical and learning delays but she is THRIVING and for the first time since she was four months old she is on the dreaded CURVE!! She went from -5 to the 10% in two years.

Mikayla still receives speech and physical therapy and is in a special services preschool. It is hard for Mikayla to make friends with peers her own age as they see her as a baby. We see her doctor every three months to have her medication adjusted and to monitor her growth. This has also affected her teeth as they are also bones and do not grow properly. Mikayla has had a lot of dental surgery. Sometimes it seems like every year we discover something new that is affected by her condition, from her ability to learn to her physical health. We don’t know what the future holds but we do know how far we’ve come and are so very thankful to God for this chance he has given her to THRIVE to the best of her ability.

Thank you for this opportunity to spill my thoughts and thank you for listening.


Resources: Meet Mikayla our little blessing. She is a vibrant and beautiful little girl. She will capture your heart and make you smile who just happens to be Growth Hormone Deficient as is relates to Ectopic Pituitary Dwarfism. We have finally learned the world must conform to Mikayla not Mikayla to the world.

With this blog we are hoping to bring awareness and sensitivity to all People across the world big or small. We believe with knowledge comes compassion, and we hope to pass on the knowledge we obtain along the way to all that stop her.

Major Aspects of Growth In Children (MAGIC) is made up of 25,000+ families whose children (and affected adults) have growth hormone deficiency or other medical conditions which affect their growth. While growth hormone deficiency is the most commonly known disorder it is not the most common cause of growth failure. We- the parents of MAGIC, fought to find answers for our children’s lack of growth. It was not an easy road. And because our children were finally diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency and a variety of other growth disorders, we are passionate about getting information “out there” for other parents.

Welcome Luci Magic Foundation George The Race Blog and Pics Donate Learn more about…
Donate Here! The Magic Foundation web site. Please visit this site I know that once you read it you will feel as touched and eager to help as I was, having a child with a illness can be challenging and life changing but if we all lend a helping hand in some small way it will make a BIG difference to a family.

Maybe there is someone in your life right now that is dealing with a difficult medical, physical, financial and/or emotional challenge and maybe you’re not quite sure how to respond to them.  The good news is you don’t need to have the all of the answers or be an expert counselor to have a positive response. I know we are often compelled to give advice it’s quite frankly a natural first reaction. But from my experience as someone who has dealt with my share that’s not what we really need when we’re facing difficult situations. So that’s why I feel pretty strongly that we can more positively respond by praying with the people we encounter and/or praying for them and by being a great listener. I find caring is best expressed by just being there for the people in our lives when they need us most.

If you would like to write to Josephine with questions please send your letters to me with subject line “Questions for Josephine about MIGHTY MIKAYLA”.

With love and God’s Blessings,

Dee Dee

Email Me:

E-mail the techie behind the Chat With Dee Dee (Blog, Facebook & Twitter pages) who happens to be my daughter.

Disclaimer Chat With Dee Dee


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Your Story: What’s changed your life (milestones, health, spiritual, family)?

Dear Friends,

Once again thank you for stopping by! Today I’m writing to all of you to ask for ‘your stories’. I am so blessed to have this opportunity through the Chat with Dee Dee blog to get to know so many new people and slowly develop acquaintanceship(s) along the way.

When I started my blog in 2010 my first vision was to share my cancer survivor story and things I’ve learned along the way. What I never anticipated was how God would use this blog as a format for others to share their stories and to give me so many opportunities to learn and grow. 

I have had some of the most amazing guest blog posts and as a result I’ve been so fortunate to share a variety of topics with my blog, Facebook and Twitter readers:

As many of you know from corresponding with me or from reading my disclaimer, I’m in the process of writing a book. I’m using ‘my stories’, ‘your stories’ and sharing other helpful information and tools I learn about along the way that impact ‘our lives’.

So now I’m writing to you once again to ask for your inspirational stories. If you’re like many of the people who have written or spoken with me, you’re probably thinking to yourself but I don’t have anything to share. Well your wrong, we all have a story our life experiences though familiar to us are new, inspirational and so very helpful to others.

Write now some of you are experiencing or have experienced a life changing event whether medical, financial, relationship or spiritual it’s your story and it’s so valuable. I get so excited when I am blessed to hear from others and learn about your journey and how you’ve conquered and learned to overcome or live joyfully despite the circumstances life brings our way.

Romans 8:7  No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.

I would be honored to hear from you. It is my desire through my blog and outreach ministry to share my survival story to help others and a great part of my ministry and possibly the most rewarding is meeting others and hearing their story and learning tips and advice from others. I know we can collectively learn and benefit from each other.

Please send me an e-mail and share your story and/or comments or question email: Dee Dee (Click Here).


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Dealing with Post-Surgery Pain and Physical and Mental Exhaustion

I’m tackling another tough subject, but I want to help to bring awareness to yet another important topic and how you can be proactive about your healing and working with healthcare professionals along with the support of your family, friends and/or advocate(s). 

If you haven’t gone through a major surgery or other debilitating illness or treatments yourself you’ve likely never given it much thought. The exhaustion and pain your body can experience after a major surgery is indescribable.

But maybe you know all too well or you’ve seen the painful look on the face of a loved one. The pain you see in their eyes and the blank stares into the distance or the difficulty to breath.  For most it’s difficult to relate though you have a deep compassion. I’ll note here a link to a previous blog post I wrote on empathy “Empathy: How We Can Be Better at Listening and Responding”.

But if you’ve experienced it yourself you likely have a great deal of compassion for those going through difficult times now and have a deep gratitude to God for getting you past this hurdle. I remember after one surgery how difficult it was to do anything because of the pain and sheer exhaustion. I remember asking my family to help me walk from my room to the chapel which was probably only a few doors down. They reminded me that I can pray right in my room but no I wanted to walk to the chapel.  I was hooked up to all kind of tubes and I couldn’t walk on my own. They helped me up and arm and arm they practically carried me down the hall to the chapel. When I got to the chapel even though I wanted to pray so badly all I could do is weep. We walked to the chapel day after day and still I wept.

Power Verse: In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. (Romans 8:26)

I remember vividly the reoccurring dream I was having at that time of being in a prison cell. It was cold, dark and lonely cell. It was a manifestation of how I felt in my body at that time imprisoned in pain. But then one evening everything changed; I was back in the prison cell in my dream, but suddenly it was as if the Lord’s hand came down and literally pulled me out of that pit. I knew it was going to be okay it was a turning point for me that day forward my body started to improve in the recovery process and little by little I regained my strength.

Power Verse: He lifted me out of the pit of despair, out of the mud and the mire. He set my feet on solid ground and steadied me as I walked along. (Psalm 40:2)

The Surgery
I had a polyp that was cancerous and it was on the muscle of my rectum so he would go in and remove the polyp along with the entire rectum. The surgery would warrant a colostomy but and at that time I was told that I would not require any follow-up treatment (radiation, chemo).  The day of my surgery time went by very slow. Everyone was waiting while I was in surgery to hear the outcome of the procedure and to see me and know that things went well. It wasn’t until the evening when I was back in my hospital room and I remember being in a lot of pain. I was really out of it between the surgery, medication and the pain I couldn’t even open my eyes. Praise God the doctor had a good report for me and my family all went well with the surgery (Thank you Lord!). Still I knew it would be a long hard road ahead.

Hospital stay
The length of time in the hospital will vary for each individual case depending on surgery and healing process so please speak to your doctor(s) about the anticipated post-surgery recovery time and know it’s a hurdle you can pass.

Post-surgery pain and recovery
I get this question frequently… I’m afraid I will become addicted to pain medication after my surgery or treatments. Pain after surgery and/or treatments can be very depleting and the body needs rest to heal.

Please have your family members, friends and advocates keep a record of your medications and symptoms. Times medications are administered and what dosage (you have the right to request copies of medical records. Work with the hospital case worker assigned to your case) or any responses to your treatment either positive and/or side-effects. It’s expected that medication(s) will likely be part of the recovery process and can be necessary to relieve the pain. Please remember it’s only for a short time so it’s critically important to follow the doctor’s instructions and be diligent about keeping a personal health record and to keep communication with all treatment doctor(s). And please don’t attempt to self medicate or regulate it’s not a time to worry about becoming addicted to medication. It’s important to discuss any concerns with your physician(s) along with the help of your case worker and advocate (family/friend or advocate) and keep in mind it’s for your benefit to allow for healing.

I recall after my surgery there was a time I was on 36 pills a day for period of time. It wasn’t forever but it was for a season and Praise God its 24 years later and I’m grateful to share this message of hope with you. No one wants take pain meds, but we must do what we have to do to fight and get strong and allow the body to heal.

Getting help from a professional patient advocate
I wanted to list a resource here because not everyone has a family member or friend that is in a position to act as an advocate on your behalf that are both prepared and equipped to deal with coordinating care pre and post surgery and/or treatments.

The patient advocates, navigators, health advocates, case managers, coaches, eldercare, birthing and health care assistants at AdvoConnection may be able to help you get the help you deserve.

Find patient advocates, navigators and case managers who can:

  • accompany you to appointments or stay by your bedside in the hospital
  • help you learn more about your medical condition and necessary treatment
  • help you make difficult medical decisions
  • maintain a healthy pregnancy and raise healthy babies by working with a midwife, doula or lactation specialist
  • help you navigate the insurance maze
  • help you file health insurance claims, and manage or reduce your hospital and medical bills
  • find legal assistance after a medical error 
  • track paperwork and records
  • … and more (website or call 1-888-478-6588).

If you are feeling or experiencing something similar, I’d love to hear from you. I didn’t have anyone who could relate to me at the time and I don’t want that for you.  Please send me an email or reach out to me via Facebook or Twitter.

With love and God’s Blessings,

Dee Dee

Email Me:

E-mail the techie behind the Chat With Dee Dee (Blog, Facebook & Twitter pages) who happens to be my daughter.

Disclaimer Chat With Dee Dee


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Give thanks when you’re waiting – Timing is everything!

I enjoy life the time with family, friends and my time with the Lord. He is my rock and strength I’m so grateful. I’m happy to celebrate with loved ones my family, friends and new acquaintances. God has also given me the compassion to come alongside others when life is difficult.  

When I got neuropathy I didn’t know anyone could understand what it was like to be given a medication and wake up the next day in my case paralyzed in one leg and then left to deal with all of the ongoing symptoms. When I started sharing my story about neuropathy God began to show me I was not alone there were many people who could relate. I began meeting other people who just like me who have also encountered neuropathy due to an adverse drug reaction. I’ve connected with another woman on Facebook who’s also made it her mission to share her story and educate others about alternate ways to treat neuropathy symptoms. I found a site CureTogether that aggregates data by disease, treatments and efficacy. I shared with the Co-Founder my treatments and how it’s greatly improved my circumstances they immediately added The ReBuilder Treatment System  to their website which I hope will help others find relief too. When my dear friend wrote a guest post about how she encountered and dealt with change when her husband went to be with the Lord others knew they too would be okay. In another guest blog post my friend shared the importance of leaving a legacy sharing her family’s story about the love her parents had for each other and for their family others were reminded how important traditions are in life. When my new acquaintance shared about how he discovered he had prostate cancer at a routine check-up and how he navigated through surgery and treatment others we’re encouraged to get tested.

So when you think you’re the only one facing the problem God will send someone your way but His timing is everything.

I worked for many years as a hair stylist in a predominately Jewish community and during that time learned many great Yiddish expressions like “A man plans but God laughs”. 

What it means is God has a plan in our life he doesn’t leave us all alone to figure it. But know that our choices affect our own lives and those around us. We live in an instant gratification generation and it’s difficult to wait or sometimes it’s difficult to respond when God says it’s time. 

In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9

We may complain during the waiting periods but know this…. God is always right on time!!! No matter what you’re facing He will provide you strength, power, energy and enable you if he brought you to it he’ll bring you through it. Find things during the drought to be grateful for like you woke up today and it’s a new day, your able to walk, talk and breath. Don’t take these privileges for granted.

Waiting commands your attention to trust and stay strong when the pressures of other people or your own negative self talk weighs heavy on you. Oh but a wise person will move in boldness with confidence, strength and assurance when God calls him to act and respond. You’ll never be called to act alone God will keep His promise.

 But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

I never knew that I would be able to blog about my journey and experiences with cancer and the other post-radiation complications I’ve encountered but I know now that I would not be who I am today. I pray today that before we step out we pray and wait on the Lord’s timing.

With love and God’s Blessings,

Dee Dee

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