Call to Action: Ostomy Products for the Uninsured (Because Ostomy Supplies are a necessity for living not a luxury)

20 Jan

This is a post I wrote a while back. I’d like to repost this important message today to advocate for prevention of colon cancer and to bring awareness about an organization that is giving back to others in a big way. Thanks to all the ladies at non-profit organization OstoGroup.

Why would you want to respond to this call to action?

Because Ostomy Supplies are a necessity for living not a luxury.

Osto Group Mission: To meet the needs of those who have fallen on hard times by providing them with quality supplies and the necessities for living. In the course of accomplishing this task, we will never diminish the value of a person or the potential that they hold. No one will ever be turned away!

Often treatment of colorectal cancer will warrant a temporary or permanent colostomy/ileostomy (an ostomy is a surgical opening to the intestines) which requires a wide range of medical supplies. Ostomy supplies are not a choice; you can’t live without them and the monthly expenses are in the hundreds. With the difficult state of the economy and many people facing job loss and lack of insurance it makes me wonder how ostomy patients are purchasing their supplies. Thanks to this wonderful group of women running the ‘Osto Group’ a non-profit organization that offers ostomy supplies to patients nationwide for those who do not have medical insurance or their insurance doesn’t cover their supplies. One person shared, “When we lost insurance coverage, we felt we were lost. Also, there isn’t an extra $200/mo. in our budget. I haven’t been able to find any meaningful employment for more than 12 months. These unfortunate ones actually use common household supplies and tape in place of ostomy supplies! That sounds bad, doesn’t it? Well this is reality for some”. (Summarized from a testimonial letter written to Osto Group).

1.PRAYER: First we ask for your prayers for the Osto Group so that they can continue to provide this
Donations from the kindness and generosity of people like you!

Ostomy Donations from the kindness and generosity of people like you!

needed support to ostomates in the United States who do not have insurance or have insufficient insurance which does not cover their ostomy supplies

2. OSTOMY DONATIONS: Osto Group, 15070 Corporate Rd. N, Jupiter, FL 33478
The following items are what Osto Group is looking for in the way of donated material:

  • Hollister Products – Wafers and Pouches –  Skin barriers, cleansers and wipes, M – 9.
  • Convatec Products – Wafers and Pouches – Please label with Manufacturers part number if they are out of their box if you can. Skin barriers, Eakin Seals and Stoma Paste.
  • Coloplast Products – Wafers and Pouches – Urostomy Pouches.
  • Nu Hope or any brand of ostomy product, tail closures, sponges, wipes, scissors, bandages, as long as these are packaged intact and in good condition.

3. FINANCIAL DONATIONS: $5, $10 and up no donation is too small!
Osto Group, corporate office 4521 PGA Blvd #228, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418-3997. Questions Call The Osto Group: 877-678-6690. Since the Osto Group is a 501(c)(3) organization they will provide a receipt for each donation for tax purposes.
Thank you for all of your support.

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2 responses to “Call to Action: Ostomy Products for the Uninsured (Because Ostomy Supplies are a necessity for living not a luxury)

  1. Brent Lewis

    October 8, 2012 at 12:11 am

    I’d really appreciate info from someone who’s been through a situation similar to mine.
    Now months after having a colostomy, I’ve started
    1) passing stool through the rectum , unpredictably and uncontrollably due to having radiation that ‘burned up’ my anus and
    2) I’ve developed a ‘fissure’ a crater in the skin near the rectum that continually bleeds and fills with stool, causing constant pain. All I can do is to shower off many times each day.
    Thanks, Brent Lewis
    (502) 456 – 9600


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