Call to Action for Ileostomates: Share Nutrition and Recipe Tips (If not us, then who?)

15 Oct

Let’s Partner Together to Share Nutrition and Recipe Tips 

Hi Friends,

Some of my more popular blog posts have been on the topic of Ileostomy nutrition (Ileostomy Nutrition: What can I eat after my surgery? and Having an Ileostomy and dealing with ER visits resulting from dehydration

I received an e-mail recently, from a new ostomate, seeking feedback from fellow ostomates on nutrition, recipes and wellness tips that work well for them based on personal experience. Because my blog posts on the topic of ileostomy nutrition have received positive feedback, I thought it was a wonderful idea to try and solicit the input of other ostomates to develop a collaborative blog post on this subject.

When you see a ‘Call to Action’ that is inspiring and/or thought provoking, how do you respond? If you’re anything like me, your inspired and feel a sense of urgency that something must be done. You might say to yourself that someone with more education, ability, expertise, experience and connections will be the likely candidate to take action. I often wonder what qualifies me to write, inform and inspire others. After all, many others, like me, have encountered cancer and have had several surgeries, radiation/chemo and have even encountered post-treatment side effects and live. What is it that qualifies me?

If not us, then who?

Every significant vision, product or concept first starts with a need, spurred by a desire that is initiated and finally ignited by an individual’s response.

The famous quote from nobel laureate, Sir Alexander Fleming. “One sometimes finds what one is not looking for”.

His research during his military stint inspired him to develop a natural antispectic enzyme which years later led him to stumble on the discovery of penicillin. The need to treat bacteria infections, followed by his persistence and intelligence led to one of the great discoveries in science and medicine. What if he wasn’t persistant in  his research?

Statistically, I’m not educated, connected or experienced enough to make an impact that creates change and hope. However, what I do offer is a willingness to respond, a desire to help, and my personal experiences and that, to many, speaks volumes. Some observers might say you’re unlikely to have a significant impact, but you’re living a legacy anyway!

It brings to mind Amos, a farmer and prophet from a small town outside of Jerusalem, was an unlikely choice for a spokesman for the Gospel. Amos didn’t measure up by any means according to the qualifications expected to carry during those times; not only was he a blue-collar worker, but he wasn’t the son of a prophet which is usually the case.

So what should we say qualifies us? Chuck Swindoll said it well, the Power of God is the only clout you need!

How can you help? Share your ileostomy friendly nutrition tips, recipes and restrictions list.


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