Guest Blog Post 3: Change and what happens when it occurs (by Ann Willson)

04 May

When I moved to my winter residence a few years ago my daughter, Stephanie, knowing that I am social and love to fellowship set out to find a local bible study I might attend during the day nearby that could provide temporary transportation since I wouldn’t have my car with me for a while. You never quite know what to expect when you join a new study. You can expect to grow and learn the Word of God more deeply but you don’t always get the opportunity to know each of the women in the group. Well I have and boy I am so blessed and grateful to have made such wonderful connections with the women in my study. They have a heart for God and a heart to serve one another. We learn, listen, share and pray. We laugh, cry and rejoice. I am truly blessed to be included in this dedicated group. Ann Willson, a women who is very dear to me, she leads the Tuesday bible study. She is a soft spoken talented teacher, tender hearted and she is truly doing the work God has gifted her to do. She opens the Word up to us and helps us to deepen our desire to grow our relationship and walk with the Lord as we discuss the scripture line by line. What wisdom can be found in that room amazes me. Sharing our life experiences, faith, trials and hope it help us to know each other more and to grow more deeply in our faith and friendship.

Sunday morning I was watching Charles Stanley, Insight for Living, and his message on what we need to get through trials that we encounter and the treasure we have in Godly friends.  Wow how timely this message is because it aligns with the topic my dear friend and mentor, Ann Willson, brings to us on “Change and what happens when it occurs”.  When I approached Ann about writing a guest post on my blog she said that she said she had a message she wanted to share that she prays God will use to help others deal with change. I’ll do my best to summarize the message that Ann delivered in an audio cassette to me with the help of the Lord.

Change and what happens when it occurs?
Adapted, shortened and summarized message taken from an audio file by Ann Willson.We can and should all expect changes in our lives at one time or another. Whether it’s a loss of a loved one, loss of a relationship, financial loss or physical loss of mobility due to an illness. Whatever the difficulty the question I’d like to pose is what we do when we are faced with change.

  • We can accept God’s will for our lives and trust Him to help us through the difficult time
  • Through reading the Word we can grow closer to the Lord
  • Or you can turn away from the Lord and become bitter and hateful. Someone who no one wants to be around.

The story I’m about to share recalls a very poignant time in my life that brought change and forced me to make a choice. I had a choice to run to God and trust Him to lead me through it or to give up and walk away.

I can remember that at this time in my life I felt like I needed to go home and visit family in Kansas. I really didn’t want to go but I couldn’t shake it and I knew that we needed to go home and visit family.

My husband Don and I discussed driving there and he suggested we take the car only. I said no Don we’ll take the motor home too so you can have a place to get away and rest and put your feet up when you need a break. Don was suffering with neuropathy and dealing with pain in his feet at this time so I knew it would be important that he have a place to rest.

So we packed up the motor home and headed to Kansas and we really enjoyed quality time with family and friends. Our daughter was even on vacation at that time and got to spend time with us so it was a really special trip.

Don and I finally decided to start heading back to Arizona. It was a long drive so we would find stops along the way to rest for a while recharge before we’d hit the road again. This particular time we found it difficult to find a spot to park so Don said we’ll just keep going. I said well why don’t we just get a room in a motel where we can park the motor home and get some rest. Don didn’t like that idea since after all he said why would I want to stay in someone else’s bed when I have my own bed. I asked Don if he felt up to it to continue driving, and he did, so we headed on.  We drove until nearly 5:00 PM or so and it started to get dark when we finally found an RV park to pull into and by this time we were in New Mexico already. When we woke up the next morning I said to Don … should I make breakfast here or do you want to get an early start and get on the road. He said no let’s have breakfast here I’m not feeling very well. So I kissed Don and headed to the kitchen to start breakfast. All of sudden I heard what sounded to me like a gurgling noise almost like Don was giggling and then a thump. Don had slid down and I immediately ran to him help him and began to push him to sit him back upright.  It was very alarming because I couldn’t see if he was breathing or feel a pulse. I decided to slide him down to the floor and begin CPR. I called the police and told them what had happened and I put the porch light on the motor home so they could find us quickly when they arrive.  The ambulance finally arrived and honestly I don’t know how but five EMT piled into our small motor home and began to work on Don.

I stepped outside and began calling family. I left a message with a sense of urgency in my tone asking for a call back on my phone indicating that it was important that I would be waiting by the phone for a call.

When we arrived at the hospital the ER staff told me that I would be waiting for a while as they worked on Don.  After a while the doctor came out to me and said I’m sorry Ann but Don didn’t make it. It was so overwhelming and I remember asking … what happens now? He asked me if I had made arrangements with a funeral home and I said no. He proceeded to give me several local numbers so I can make arrangements.  There was a very compassionate nurse who at that time reached out to me and comforted me.  She asked me if I would like a glass of water and I said yes. I remember standing outside in the hospital parking lot and the sun was rising and the birds were chirping and as I drank the water it was so refreshing and cold as it trickled down my throat.  I was given a ride back to the park in New Mexico where Don and I were parked. I started calling the family members and friends to tell them about my beloved Don. My daughter began packing her bags and started looking for flights. A family friend called and offered to come to New Mexico and drive the motor home back to the RV park where we lived in Arizona so I didn’t have to do it alone. I said let me think about it and I’ll get back to you.

I had never been alone before without the influence of others. From adolescence being around the influence of my parents to marriage and having the company and influence of my husband Don and then we started our family and I was committed to raising my children. I really didn’t know what it would be like or what I would do alone. I asked the Lord to fill the void. Dear ones this doesn’t happen all at once you know it’s a process. You see I had been seeking the Lord for years and getting in the Word and learning what he did for me at Calvary.

Get to know the Lord while times are good because when times get tough you won’t have the time!

I had a choice to fight and rebel what God had done or to accept it and have hope.

Memory Power Verse:

We are More than Conquerors. What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

The Lord has better things ahead for us. He is our Anchor our God through the rough waters and only His steadfast love kept me and pulled me through all of the doubts and fears and He can and will do it for you too.

I called my friend back who had offered to come to New Mexico to drive the Motor home back to Arizona and said Bill if the offer still stands I would really appreciate it if you would drive the Motor home back for me. He said he would be there and have it back by Monday. When we arrived at the RV Park in Arizona the motor home and car were parked exactly where they always were. My friend had discovered the flowers I left in my trunk of my car and he put them in a vase for me. At that time my daughter was staying with me during the week for about a month and would travel home on weekends. And when I suffered with my sciatic nerve friends brought me food and helped me.

The Lord has truly blessed me with good and Godly friends who have held me up brought me through tough times. God was with me and continues to walk with me. I asked Jesus to come and sit with me and comfort me during these times and He did.

Go and spend time with God every day. Remember that whether trial or sorrow everything has an end. Be encouraged because you CAN let go and get on with life. God WILL help you through all of it and will use the good and bad to shape and mold us into His image.

The truth is we all experience change and as a result are faced with.

  • Choices
  • Hope
  • Anchor of God
  • Newness
  • Power of God

But whatever we’re facing we can be encouraged that with God we are never alone!

Thank you my friends for taking the time to read my blog. I will close this story by summarizing some of the comments I heard in Charles Stanley’s message on Sunday.

Some of our greatest treasures are in Godly friends. It’s not about money or power. It’s sure is good to have Godly friends to hold us accountable and lift us up.

I would like the opportunity to continue to feature some of my readers to share their stories. Since I believe everyone has a story to tell and we can all learn from each other, I would like to invite you to write a guest blog post sharing your story and/or tips with my blogging audience. I encourage you to read through my blog posts and if your message aligns with that of Chat With Dee Dee I would be honored to hear from you. It is my desire through my blog and outreach ministry to share my survival story to help others. AND a great part of my ministry and possibly the most rewarding is meeting others and hearing their story and learning tips and advice from others. I know we can collectively learn and benefit from each other.

I want to encourage you to write to me if you need someone to share your story with and pray with (e-mail Dee Dee Click Here).


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