Guest Blog Post 2: A Near Fatal Accident, God’s Grace and the Compassion of two Good Samaritans

24 Apr

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

I know you’ve experienced this before a moment of unexpected joy turns into a gut wrenching drop down into the pit of your stomach. Wednesday morning I had a knock on my door; it was my daughter and son-in-law. At first I was excited to see them thinking how nice they have the day off and they’ve come to share it with me.  Then I noticed my daughters face and the tears in her eyes and I knew this wasn’t a fun visit something happened.

In this 2nd guest blog post my daughter, Stephanie, also the copy and art editor of my blog is sharing a story of God’s mercy and the compassion and the kindness of a passerby. I am praising the Lord for His mercy in this situation only by the Grace of God my daughter walked away from a car wreck without a scratch.  Praise the Lord!

Yesterday was a day like any other around 4:00 AM my two little pugs, Bagel and Mookie, started barking so I woke up groggy and let them out and fed them and laid back down for another hour or so.  I always start my day by giving thanks to God and putting on the Full Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18). And around 5:00 AM every morning I start brewing a pot of coffee and jump in the shower. I love our mornings. Daily before the work day starts we get to spend about an hour give or take enjoying our coffee and doing some reading and work on the internet and we sit outside with the dogs for a bit. It’s a great tradition we share together and a great way to start the day. After kissing my hubby and wishing him a good day I said I’ll see you later. I was driving down the freeway listening to Chuck Swindoll’s message on Resurrection of Christ and it was causing me to look deeper at the empty tomb. He was taking a closer look at the stone being moved from the tomb not so the Lord could escape but rather to let others in to see that He had risen. I started to ask myself …. Do I have my eyes open or are they closed to the Lord’s mercy and grace. The daily wonders he puts before us that are meant to teach us.

My near fatal accident

All of a sudden I heard a funny fluttering/thumping sound and I wondered if something was wrong with my tire. I shut the radio off to listen better. My gut instinct was to pull over but after a while I didn’t hear the noise. I thought maybe it was just a bag or something caught under the car that had worked its way out.  Relieved I continued on my way to work. I proceeded towards the on ramp to the next freeway and not long after getting on the ramp I lost control. The car was responding funny and I felt like I had no ability to steer. I found myself braking but my car continued veering to the left and I instinctively tried to turn away from the divider. All of a sudden I was spinning out of control I had spun completely around and couldn’t brake or regain control of the car. I saw it happening I was driving straight into the divider wall. I thought this might be it. Would my car flip over or would the air bag go off and crush me. I honestly didn’t know what would happen. I hit the wall and the impact jarred me forward and back again. It was so frightening.

The Good Samaritans on the Road

When my car finally stopped a man came to my window to see if I was okay. He was such a God send. I was in a state of shock and he looked very shaken up too. He said that he was behind me and had witnessed the whole accident.  He took control of the situation with a very soothing voice he asked me if I would like him to call the police and I graciously accepted. I called my husband and he dropped everything to come to the accident site immediately. A woman also stopped to see if everyone was okay. I was so taken aback by her warmth after telling her I wasn’t injured she warmly offered me a hug to comfort me and let me know it would be all right.  My car was totaled from the head on divider collision and even though I was sore but the x-rays later showed no damage or breaks. I was in what could have been a near fatal accident and I lost my car but I had God’s favor. I am so thankful for God’s protection, mercy and grace and the warmth of two strangers. I know I could have lost my life that day but God said not now I’m not finished there is more for me to do here on earth.The events that day and the care of two strangers really impacted me. I pray that we would have the eyes of Christ on our journey and the compassion to live for Christ for others.

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ and rejoice … He has Risen!!!I wanted to share with you a link (click here) to the message at the bottom of the page 2011 Easter Messages: “A Morning of Unimaginable Joy” by Charles R. Swindoll Luke 24:1-9, 11; John 20:3-10

Thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. With the summer approaching I would really like the opportunity to feature some of my readers to share their stories. Since I believe everyone has a story to tell and we can all learn from each other, I would like to invite you to write a guest blog post sharing your story and/or tips with my blogging audience. I encourage you to read through my blog posts and if your message aligns with that of Chat With Dee Dee I would be honored to hear from you. It is my desire through my blog and outreach ministry to share my survival story to help others. AND a great part of my ministry and possibly the most rewarding is meeting others and hearing their story and learning tips and advice from others. I know we can collectively learn and benefit from each other.

I want to encourage you to write to me if you need someone to share your story with and pray with (e-mail Dee Dee Click Here).


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2 responses to “Guest Blog Post 2: A Near Fatal Accident, God’s Grace and the Compassion of two Good Samaritans

  1. Sarah Moe

    April 25, 2011 at 1:55 pm

    Dee Dee, thank you for sharing your story. With a heart for God like yours, I’d like to recommend you read the Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Sterns, President of World Vision. It really moved me and I’d love for you to be touched by this book and have all our energy channeled to the world for God’s work. Have a great day!

    • littledeet

      April 26, 2011 at 12:39 pm

      Hi Sarah, I appreciate you writing and for sharing the book recommendaiton. Since I love to read I will look into this. I just found Richard’s blog so I’ll start there. This blog post was a reflection from my daughter’s recent accident. I am so grateful to share with others Go’d love and grace. I’d love to hear from you if you have a post you might consider sharing with my blogging audience. I’m doing a series of guest posts. Luv and God’s Blessings Dee Dee


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