Part 5: Unexpected Encounters – The Power of Love

09 Feb

Sometimes I sit here and I think back and fondly remember all of the wonderful people God has put in my life.

This story is going back years but it feels as if it was only yesterday. I was only home from the hospital two weeks after having surgery when I received a call from a group of ladies from a bible study. They wanted to know if I was  able to receive visitors yet as they wanted to come by with lunch and pray over me. I was hesitant at first thinking what I would eat and wondered if I even felt up to having visitors but I accepted their kind offer knowing it would be good for me.

It’s often in the unexpected moments that we experience an inspirational aha moment. This was a wonderful group of Godly women that touched my heart in a way I will never forget. I remember this one women in particular we’ll call her Gabriela (since this name means Strength of God in Judaism). Gabriela was one of the first women that gave me hope and strength and the determination to fight the fight. She was brave to tell me her testimony and I’ll never forget her.

To look at Gabriela she looked like a lovely women very well dressed and groomed and with a great warm smile. But she began to share with me that she was diagnosed with Brain Cancer and the doctor told her she would be left with many changes to her face. She asked me to look at her and did I notice anything. I said yes and made a compliment about something she was wearing. She said no look closer don’t you notice the left side of my face drooping and that she has no movement on the left side of her face. She went on to lift her hair up that framed her face only to reveal that she was missing an ear and the proceeded to lift her hair up in the back of her neck and exposed a whole in her head that was big enough to fit a fist. Gabriela told me that the Spirit of God visited her the night before her surgery and the Lord spoke to her spirit telling her she was going to be fine. It wasn’t until 4 days after her surgery when she woke up to find she had full control of her arms and legs and her face looked the same except for the one eye that drooped a little and one ear missing. And a little whole in her head which she hid very well with her hair. Gabriela shared with me all she went through and I thought if she can go on with her life and be thankful to God and help people so can I. That’s when I first learned how to fight the fight of faith and I try to tell others about the importance of the strength of the Holy Spirit in sharing this story. Because of Gabriela’s faith and God’s Mercy on her she was able to share her story with others.

We must be intentional in our walk of life and seek to serve others (Philippians 2:3-4) in all that we do. Jesus has given us a commandment to Love one another as he loved us (John 13:34-35). He also gave us in the Spirit power, love and self-control (2 Tim. 1-7) so we would not live in fear.

I hope this will help you as it did with me so many years ago and still to this day.

God’s blessings, Dee Dee


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